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 My murray.........

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My murray......... Empty
PostSubject: My murray.........   My murray......... Icon_minitimeJuly 3rd 2009, 9:07 am

Well heres the story on how my murray got to be what it is today.

About 8 years ago dad bought this murray cheap because it was leaking oil. Turns out it was just a loose oil drain plug. Very Happy Grab a cresent wrench and 2 minutes later, no more oil leak. We used it to mow for a few years after that. Then the motor finally blew up. After that it got sent to my grandpas for the next couple years. We then bought a new MTD Huskee from tractor supply. Well i wanted something just to tug a trailer and kinda beat on and play around with. So i took a 4HP Briggs and Stratton off a murray pushmower and transplanted it into the murray rider, which originally had a B&S 11HP. I used it like that for about a year. Then I got ahold of some tire chains and build a snowplow for it. I used to plow snow for 2 years, but towards the end of the second year the stupid bolt that holds the bracket for the shifter to the transaxle broke off. The murray sat in the weeds for about another year after numerous attempts at repairing the shifter, ranging from rubber bands to failed attempts at drilling out the offending fastener. Then i got the brilliant idea of welding the bracket solid to the transaxle, which has yet to fail. The only downfall to this setup is that when the time comes to change the drive belt the whole transaxle has to be pulled. Again i used it that way for a while, till i got the idea of making a mini dozer out of it. A lack of something good to use for tracks quickly ended that idea. Shortly after that I decided to make it into something like a JD Gator. I had to choose between adding an extra axle, or stretching the frame. I decided to go tandem ,obviously, for a few reasons. So now thats where this murray is in its life right now. Pics of it can be seen in the Murray Pictures forum.

Feel free to post the story of your murray here.
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My murray.........
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